July 15, 2011

Summer FUN!!!!

Only two weeks into summer holidays and we have been having LOTS of fun around here.  It seems with all the boys (and Josh) home it has been harder to actually get to the computer to load pictures or blog!  Our internet is being SO SLOW tonight so I will try to load just a few pictures from some of the highlights of our summer so far!


SO much fun with a hose!

Take my picture!!!

A trip to Lake Newell

Strawberry picking just days before a horrible storm (maybe even tornado) wiped out this beautiful farm!!!

Zack turned 10!!!!! and got a great new mountain bike!!!

Note to self . . . . . if you cannot find the boys . . . . . look up!!!!!!

A WONDERFUL day at Calaway park!!! I have a picture of me and my sister in these same boats when I was the boys age!!!!

Summer has just begun and already such fun memories!  Cannot wait for the rest of the summer to unfold. 

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  1. Great pics Jess!!
    Looks like you have been enjoying summer to the fullest so far!